Company Introduction

Yamaza  Generously sponsors and participates in community generously sponsors and participates in community-based activities in China related to environment,education,humanitarian causes,social and cultural events,as well as memberships in various assciations.

Environment    We regulary sponsor environmental events, promoting a beautiful country and environmentally friendly products.

Education    Yamaza regularly sponsors the China Congress on Obstetrics and Gynecology. We also prepare health awareness programs for women and nationwide  school campaigns.

Humanitarian Causes    Yamaza contributes gifts and assistance to local and international non-profit community-based organizations,we provide Yamaza products free of charge to support social welfare institutions.

Conferences & Exhibitions   Yamaza sponsors local events related to its core business activities: United Nations conferences devoted to industrial topics and   exhibitions for children, scouts of China and sports clubs.

Assisting in National Restoration & Re-building

   Yamaza reinforces patriotism and national reconciliation among its members by organizing and participating in activities related to the physical removal of war  residue.


To reinforce our mission of serving the community, Yamaza is member of the: .

· Asia Federation of Paper, Printing & Packaging

· Association of Industrialists of China

· Association of Fujian Industrialists

· Syndicate of Owners of Paper & Packaging Industries in China

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