ultra thin,night use,dry weave sanitary anion pad

ultra thin,night use,dry weave sanitary anion pad

320mm comfort,femine sanitary napkin,blue chip night sanitary towel
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320mm comfort,femine sanitary napkin,blue chip night sanitary towel

   Sanitary Napkin Brands /Anion napkin pad

            (Anion Sanitary Napkin, Disposable Sanitary Napkin, Lady Sanitary Napkin)

Made of Super Breathful Webness surface, SAP paper, Puffed paper,

Breathable PE back sheet, release paper

Product Description

Sanitary napkin brands Features:

1. Soft continous surface: take care of your health, which makes you feel comfortable

2.Ultra wide soft wings: can hold tightly onto underwear, fastening and never shifting and  leaking.  

3.Center super absorbent layer: can lock six times, flow not escape the tide  

4.Super breathable backsheet: breathable backsheet breathes out the moisture breesily, get rid of your bad mood.  

Sanitary napkin brands Stay Free Specification:

Model no Length Weight Absorbency Package Loading Quantity
YGAN-ANION01 240MM 6.5G 70ML 10*48 3200CTNS
YGAN-ANION02 280MM 8.5G 90ML 10*48
YGAN-ANION03 155MM 4.5G 30ML 30*36

Sanitary napkins' packaging can also be designed freely as customers' requirments with your own logo.(The Weight, SAP, Quality can be customized according to customer's requirement.)

Package and shipping
Sanitary napkin brands Lile brand packaging:

Remark:  OEM & ODM service is available ,ie,SAP,color,size,weight,material and packing can be customized as per your offer.

price for FOB,CIF,C&F;payment by T/T; westunion; paypal.  

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